My middle finger is ready and waiting for you

My weight has always been one of my issues. One of my flaws. Something everybody pointed out. From being a child people always told me I had chubby cheeks or I had a muffin top. As a child you don’t really understand or care really. As I got into my teens boys brought it up. I used to be friends with a lot of lads. But I really really liked this one boy. I was obsessed with him. I really loved him. He was a boy I was smitten with. He was everything I wanted.
But like everything you want in life, leaves a horrible taste in your mouth. He was a using, arrogant dickhead. He used to make me feel like I was the only girl ever, texting me all night, phone calls, we was always together in school, outside of school. But he would flirt with girls in front of me to try and get a reaction. One day he really hurt me by saying “your not my type of girl, your too fat. If you lost a bit of weight you could get any guy you wanted… Even me”. Another boy I was dating cheated on me with my best friend and accused me of being the cheater. When I turned 15 years old my parents moved to another part of the country and I had to adapt. I was a size 10 when I got their. I left a size 20. Boys used to call me fat ugly and a hell lot more. They’d single me out. It would go on for 6 lessons a day because their was always 2 or more of them in my class. I had food put in my hair. Drinks thrown on me. My weight sky rocketed. I comfort ate. I never went out. I cried a hell of a lot. I wanted to be dead really. I didn’t want to live anymore. I moved away last year and I’ve been so determined to get back to the old me. Confident. Not giving a shit. Happy. Funny. I just felt i’d lost myself. Now I’m dieting. I’ve lost just over a stone. I’ve dropped 2 dress sizes. I still don’t feel 100% happy but when I get to the weight I wanna be, the size I wanna be… I can’t wait to put my finger in the air to every single person that ever made me feel like a nobody.


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